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The Baby Checklist


If you have just found out that you are pregnant, then there is no doubt that you must be extremely excited and a little scared at the same time about this huge change that is about to take place in your life. Pregnancy while a joyous thing can be very overwhelming for the mother and sometimes the father because in an instant, their whole life changed and is only going to continue changing. While in the past they were able to spend money on themselves whenever they wanted and be able to eat anything they want; now everything begins to be about the baby.

Start planning well ahead

One of the most important things for you to remember is to pack maternity bags for hospital. Although you may think that you have nine months to plan that out, it is important to keep in mind that labour can happen at any time and therefore, you will need to be prepared from day one. Another thing you need to remember that is extremely important is that you need to start taking your vitamins every day. As soon as you find out you are pregnant, your doctor will recommend that you start taking folic acid tablets that are vital for the baby’s health and development and this needs to be on the top of your checklist. You will need to take the tablets every day at the exact time. It might be useful to also set an alarm on your phone to remind you of this.

Your bag for hospital needs to have things for your baby but should mostly include things that you will need such as underwear, personal hygiene products and clothing for when and if you need to enter hospital in an emergency. One big mistake most new moms make is that they pack many things for the baby but forget to pack enough things for their own needs and then face difficulty at the hospital.

You will need to start saving up money for the pregnancy, the baby and the baby’s future because the truth is, baby’s cost a lot of money and we live in a world that takes that for granted. It is important for you as first time parents to prepare a checklist of all the things that you need to remember for the next few months and for after the baby has arrived. You will also need to schedule all of your tests well in advance and have them written down on your checklist so that you do not forget them as they are very important.