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Retractable Child Safety Gate, Why To Use It?

Having babies at your home can be a huge responsibility. As a parent you would child proof anything that you see in your house that can harm your kids. Babies are wild, they will crawl or run in the house, their minds are pure and innocent and it is up to the parents to decide how to make the house child proof.

You may also have pets in the house but they are not as important when it comes to kids. In this situation we have a solution which is retractable child safety gate.

This type of gate has many uses, many pros and less cons. Even as a DIY project it can easily be installed anyplace in your home. Choosing a best baby safety gates for stairs can be a daunting task when it comes to kids safety. Here we will help you in what you should do when you choose your retractable child safety gate.

 Choosing retractable child safety gate has many aspects and it can also be used in the smallest opening there is. The retractable child safety gate has 2 types that is

Hardware Mounting: This type of mounting can be used at the top or at the bottom of stairs as it directly is mounted within the walls so that it is secured and tightly placed. As stairs are the most dangerous places for any child, this type of mounting can actually work a lot better. Even if you have some sort of load like laundry or carrying a heavy object, with the mountings tightly placed on the wall you can easily open and close it in a matter of seconds.

Pressure Mountings: This type of mounting is best suited for those areas where there is a big No for kids to enter such as kitchen, bedroom, washroom, your balcony, it can even be your backyard or fire place area. These mountings can be fixed on the supporting frames such as on any plastic area.

After understanding the types of mountings you should do the following things.

First thing to do would be the measurement of the area where you will install your retractable safety gate. It’s like the saying goes measure twice cut once, same concept applied here.

Only buy those retractable child safety gate which needs single hand operation. As you will be carrying your kid or any object you need only single hand to open and close.

Always see if there is some sort of safety standards being followed. It means that the item you are purchasing is quality checked by the authority.

The last thing would be to ensure that how dependable the gate is, as in which place you can use it.

If you have read so far it only means that you are curious in buying one. If you have understood these tips and the importance, then visit our website at, where we have multiple options for you to choose from.