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Presents For Children Of Different Ages

One time or another you may have found yourself in quite a dilemma when it comes to selecting gifts for little kids. You may have bought a gift and come to a realization that this gift does not suit a child of a certain age, resulting in a complete waste of energy, time and money, which would have been worth it if the child was able to enjoy his gift. You may want to buy something for your niece or nephew, grandchild or even your child, but want the gift to have educational qualities that is also enjoyable. Given below are a few gift ideas to suit children of different ages.
New born babies to two-year-olds
Gifting items to new born babies would be that of the bare necessities, like feeding bottles, comfortable clothing, powders and creams. But as they grow older gift ideas could include baby carriers and floor play mats. Baby carriers would be ideal for young babies because rather than be pushed around in a pram they would be safely strapped up against their parents making them feel comfortable with their surroundings. It is necessary for babies to have plenty of floor time. Be it stretching, crawling or rolling around, providing the little ones with a comfy floor play mat is key, making it ideal for gift giving.

Stacking boxes and books, would be ideal gift options for one-year-olds. Stacking boxes, will help in understanding the difference between different shapes and sizes leading to cognitive development. Whereas, books that are sturdy and cannot be torn out easily with either colourful pictures of animals, numbers and other objects will provide educational help in literacy skills and also be a starting point to a lifelong love for books. In addition, two-year-olds would enjoy big wooden jigsaw puzzles that will be fun but also help in putting together pieces in sequences.

Three to four-year-olds
This is the age, thanks to all the cartoons and animated movies, children start pretend playing. Adopting characteristics of their beloved characters, children love to dress up as their favorite princesses, play doctor and many more, and gifting them costumes of their favorite characters would make you a hero in their books. In an attempt to give a more educational but also entertaining gift, a set of wooden jigsaw puzzles that are of a certain theme that interests the child, be it princess or Thomas the train would be much suited. To  buy kids wooden toys online, visit

Four to five-year-olds
This is the hyperactive age. Running and jumping around is the only thing these kids want to do. A gift that is ideal for a child of four to five years is a scooter, it helps increase coordination and balance and is a fun way to play around while at the park. Science kits, for the curious ones to build on their science and numeracy skills; cooking sets, for the little helper in the kitchen and arts and crafts kit, for the little artist, encouraging little ones to create their own masterpieces and just creativity overall. Go through these ideas, and never fall short of giving the ideal, age appropriate gift to children on their special occasions.