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How Parents Make Sure Their Children Are Safe On The Playground

Most parents are worried about playground safety when they let their children go play. Here are some general considerations parents must make when they let their children go out.

Most playgrounds have playing equipment. Parents must check if their equipment is safe. Before letting in the experts to perform playground safety equipment inspections, there are a few inspections one can do on their own. Is the equipment sized right for the children? For instance, large swings are suitable for small children, and can break if used by older, heavier children. The installation of kids outdoor play equipment also determines its safety. If the installation is done according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the likelihood of it being safer is higher. If the equipment is installed carefully, it will be harder for the children to reach parts that can trap or pinch their bodies. Equipment made of wood must also be free of branches or splinters, and parts that stick out like nails or screws.

With children, accidents and falling are hard to prevent. With this in mind, parents should ask themselves what is under the playground equipment. Children will definitely fall, and to prevent serious injuries, it is important to make sure that the surface underneath the equipment can absorb the impact. The impact is especially useful under swings, climbing equipment and slides. There are many professional testing methods to determine the state of playground surfaces like drop testing.

Playground inspection should also involve looking at the safety of climbing structures and best addition to your home space. The basics of climbing structures require that any structures that rise above 30 inches should have rails or barriers if it is to be used by school going children. Vertical spaces in these climbing structures should be more than 4 inches high and horizontal spaces more than 9 inches wide. The climbing equipment should have enough space that children’s heads are not trapped. Stairs and steps should be arranged evenly, and round rungs must be small enough to be gripped by petite hands.

Playground safety also involves safety if children on slides. They should be in shaded places, away from the direct sun. Metal slides should never be directly exposed to the sun, since they can get hot and burn the children. Plastic slides are the ideal alternative because they will not get as hot as the metal. They still must be checked before being used. Most slides normally have platforms at the top. These platforms must have a guardrail or hood, so that when children sit down going down, they should be adequately protected. If the slides are open, the sides must be at least 4 inches high. The potential for injuries at the base of the slide is very high. Parents must make sure there are no sticks, rocks, debris or broken glass at the base. Any of these get in the way of the safety of the child when they land. There should be a cleared area at the base of the platform, measuring between 6 and 8 feet.

Professional inspection should cover all these areas and ensure the safety of children.