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Best Way To Safeguard Your Child

It is crucial to have constant attention on a child. This is important because children cannot effectively communicate in any way their discomfort or any possible threats they may face, therefore as parents and adults it is our responsibility to ensure that we bring the baby in to the safest environment there is. Here is how you can baby proof your home and vehicle;

Home – Children are naturally curious, they love exploring new things, eating whatever they see, poking their fingers wherever they can, pushing and pulling furniture and ornaments, and even play with hanging cords. A simple everyday room is a whole new world for a wondering child. This is why it is vital to make all rooms as safe as possible for a child.

The nursery is the main room your child and yourself would spend a majority of time in, therefore when laying out the nursery it is important to design it safe and secure. You should firstly star with the crib. It is highly advisable for you to not opt for a used crib, but to buy a new one with tight fitting hardware. It should have ample space so as your child doesn’t get stuck and suffocate. Avoid placing the crib or any furniture near windows, and never keep open windows unattended so as to ensure that the child has no ability or way to reach the window and to harm themselves. Changing tables with guardrails and protective straps and never leave a child unattended on a changing table.

The bathroom is a place many of us doesn’t deem to be dangerous, however, even the smallest puddle of water could prove to be dangerous for a child. In order to avoid harmful injuries make sure that you don’t leave standing water in a tub; any level of water could be a drowning hazard to a child. Install lid locks on all toilets, this will avoid drowning hazards and prevent children from flushing objects. Never leave children unattended in bathrooms with hot water running or small items such as soaps and razors lying around. It is most advisable for you to keep bathroom doors locked at all times so that children never enter unattended.

The kitchen is a minefield for children therefore it is crucial to install safety latches on cabinets, drawers and shelves that can be reached by children. Ensure all appliance cords are kept away from reach, and that sharp objects are locked away in proper shelves so as there would be no opportunity for a child to harm themselves.

Vehicle – Vehicles pose danger to both adult and children, however children have a greater risk as they are still developing therefore it is vital to prepare and install necessary items to safeguard and protect the child. Installing car seats such as Britax Safe n Sound car seats are the first things you can do to keep your child safe in britax safe n sound whilst travelling.

And in order to protect your child from dangers outside whilst walking you can invest in a steelcraft agile stroller.

When it is about the safety of our children, there are never too many things that can be done as precautions.


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