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8 Important Life Skills Learn From Baby Swim Classes

After reading this quotation of Einstein I can realize that it is not about the games that are associated with the sports only it is about life that is also a game and we all are the players. In order to be the master in any game, you need to learn about their basic rules and regulations that can be the barrier when you are playing the final matches. I was around 12 years old that I started baby swim classes in Perth. In those times I need to go far into the valleys to get to the pool. However, if there is a matter to learn other sports then I love to do gymnastics, but it hurts my ankle. Gymnastics is the only popular games at that time. All the kids despite their ability to run must run around the field, must play rugby, can go for the gymnastics, swimming, hockey ad whatever other sports available there. But from the starting, I was in heaven as soon as the water hit me. In fact, when there is the season of summer the water gets hot and when the cold hit the state then it was extremely difficult for us to swim into the pool of water. That’s where my love for water has been started in the PT class where all the students go for other games, I love to be in the water to enjoy it. The water addiction made me mad certainly that when the athletes went on the athletics field I stay and enjoys the endless laps of the water. After some time, the session of 45 minutes was not enough for me. Moreover, I started to stay more 45 minutes there in the school in the rest break that is 45 minutes. The Western part of South Africa was not that much cold; the swimming for 45 minutes makes me relaxed enough even without the presence of the air conditioner. I make myself cool with the swimming while everybody was wet in sweat. Even in the heat, I was able to concentrate on the study like a pro.  For more information, please log on to

Lifetime lessons that I have learned through swimming  

I released that swimming brings much more on the table that being imagined. After passing through the professional life, job and got the title of the swim mama. I always feel good due to my exercise habits. This exercise habit can control the weight of the individual. In fact, swimming leads me to other success in life. In front of me if you are a good swimmer then you can get all the benefits as mentioned. baby-swimming

  1. Set objectives, goals and work to get it 
  2. Live your plan and plan your life 
  3. Don’t procrastinate  
  4. Interpreted result and keep a record  
  5. When you swim faster you can get more time to take rest and you can enjoy more spare time when you work smart 
  6. When you do it properly then it could be easy for you, if you concentrate on the facts it will keep you on track 
  7. Set routine 
  8. Enjoy your every task then result will speak for it.