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The Magic Of Breast Milk

Human breast milk, the milk that a mother creates in her body is the best thing for your human baby. There is a reason that nature creates this for a baby. It is because this substance is infant growth fluid created in the body of a mother mammal is complete nutrition for your baby and contains everything that your baby needs to thrive. There are more benefits to human breast milk than just the nutrition that it provides. In addition to having every nutrient and vitamin that your baby needs to thrive in the six months of his life without anything else, the breast milk that you produce in your body also has disease fighting anti bodies that will help your child fight infection, disease and illness. It is in essence a magical substance provided by nature.

The world health organization endorses exclusive breast feeding for your baby during the first of his or her life with breast feeding being continued until two years old with other solids also being included in to your baby’s diet. Something you may not realize is that breast feeding is not only amazing for your baby but it is great for your own health as well. If you find that you are unable to breast feeding, you might want to consider consulting services with a child feeding consultant who will be able to look in to your problem and tell you exactly how to remedy it. It is very rare that a mother mammal will not have any ability to breast feed. If there is a problem with supply or with production, this is caused by a small issue that can be solved very easily.

A baby feeding consultant will be able to give you lots of tips and strategies to help you produce enough of milk and to breast feed your child successfully.

Fighting the dairy industry

The sad truth is however, the dairy industry invest billions of dollars in advertisements to convince you otherwise. They have a lot to lose out of a mother choosing to breast feed instead of using their formula and therefore they will do everything in their power to convince you to feed your baby formula which is indeed damaging to your baby’s health. The dairy industry does not have your child’s health or your child’s best interests at heart but instead, their goal is to make as much money as they can out of you. To the industry, breast feeding awareness could lose those millions and billions of dollars which they do not want.

Making Decisions On Your Kids’ Education

Your kid might not be a kid anymore and Time would have passed by and you may have to send your kid to school. When such a situation is to arise you might find it a bit challenging to make decisions. You might feel unsure if any place would look after your child the way you would. Therefore, making such a decision could be quite challenging. During such instances there are a few aspects which could be looked into which might make it easier for you to come towards a conclusion. You could start off by looking into “Relationship Values” and once that’s looked into its important to check if they value “building relationships”. If these two are present in that place and it has a good rating by all the users you could seriously consider it as a place to send your kid. 

You could then look if that place has an early learning Killara facility. This will make it easier for you while you are at work. You might not have to worry about your child because you will know that he/she will be safe at school. This will prevent you from rushing home every day to pick up your kid. The other aspect which you might want to look into is sports. It’s a known fact that everyone wants to see their kids become great athletes and it would be a great way to start things off by introducing your kid to sports at a young age. This would help him/her develop the necessary skills which may be required for the process. 

If you want to send your kid to a place from his/her small age you could look into a kindergarten. If you are having a hard time figuring out a good place you could go up on the internet and search for the best schools for your child. Once you have come across a list of schools, you could narrow it down and make your own list. Once the list is made you could cross check that list with your budget and make your decision. If you are unsure, you could make it a point to visit the school and look into the relevant factors which will help you clear your doubts.

There also might be a final instance where you might want to send your kid to the best school or institution in that area. During such instances if you are unable to afford the school charges, you could try applying for a scholarship. If your kid by any chance does have special abilities you might be in luck since it would make the process easier. All in all, the process can be quite hectic and challenging and it might require a lot of patience.